515,833 Emails Added & 222,740 Emails Removed

In total, Agile Education Marketing has made 738,573 changes in our K-12 educator email database since January 2018.

Contact your Agile Account Executive to learn more about how to leverage Agile’s accurate data to improve your sales and marketing effectiveness. Also ask about our data management tools, like Data Explorer, Prospector, and the ConnectLink Salesforce® integration app.

The education market is always in flux. Educators change jobs or transfer to different districts. Schools consolidate and close. Just look at some of the changes we’ve made to our database in five short months.


Agile Data Changes


With each update, more than an educator’s contact information changes. Their roles and job responsibilities may shift as well, ultimately affecting the way you market to them.

It’s critical to stay on top of these changes leading up to the busy back-to-school marketing season. You don’t have the time or marketing dollars to waste reaching out to dead-end leads or trying to engage with prospects who no longer relate to the messages you’re delivering.  

At Agile, we update our database daily to make sure you have the freshest, most accurate data available about your education prospects. Because when you have clean data, you can feel confident that you’re delivering the right messages to the right educators and making a strong impression during back-to-school season.

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