Veraln Stephens

Verlan Stephens

Managing Partner/CIO
Agile Education Marketing

Verlan is an expert in data compilation and skilled in data analysis. He specializes in helping companies use data to better understand the specific traits and nuances around education and use that information to drive decision-making that produces successful results in education markets.

He honed these highly technical skills over more than 30 years spent compiling, managing and analyzing large information databases. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with an emphasis in Computer Science from Boise State University, Verlan went on to hold senior management positions, including: Director of Information Technology and Database Compilation for Quality Education Data; Vice President of Development of CodeCorrect; and Director of Information Technology for the Arabian Horse Registry of America. He also served as Director of Information Systems at Health Decisions International and Director of Operations and Product Management at IHS Health Information.

In his current role, Verlan is a Managing Partner at Agile Education Marketing and one of its founders. His passion and expertise in data trending and market intelligence has led him to spearhead Agile’s data compilation efforts.


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