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education marketing cycleUnless you’re deciding between chocolate and vanilla ice cream, very few purchasing decisions are made quickly. Education purchasing is a particularly deliberative, collaborative process. Why?

Because there are a lot of stakeholders. The person who signs the purchase order doesn’t make a unilateral decision. He or she has considered input from teachers, parents, curriculum coordinators, and – if you’re doing this right – you.

(Yes, you. Especially this time of the year. Keep reading; we’ll be brief, because you have educators to reach – and soon!)


The education marketing cycle in a nutshell

Consideration and trial: January–April
* You are here — hopefully on trial!

Planning & Purchase: May–July
*You want to be here

Familiarity: August–December
*You’ve already been here

What educators want from you right now …

Right now, during the consideration and trial period, the educators you’re reaching out to need enough info from you to intelligently evaluate your product and service and be impressed enough to want to try it. They will have a lot of questions, but some of the most common ones you can answer proactively:

  • How can you help me reach my goals? Tell me something concrete. Show me you know my pain points.
  • How are other educators using your product? Show me some success stories. Fifty-seven percent of my colleagues demand evidence of success, and 25.2 percent of us want to see results from specific districts.
  • How does it work and why? Tell us about your key benefits. Almost 40 percent of us want to see them, and about 34 percent of us want actual implementation details.

... and what you need to do next

The trial and consideration phase of the education buying cycle is incredibly important. It’s the last step before planning and purchase. Get your copy of the K-12 Education Marketing Cycle Playbook for more insights into the purchasing cycle and how to effectively engage educators along every step of the way.


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Master the Education Marketing Cycle from Contact to Contract with Campus


At Agile Education Marketing, we’ve spent years studying the education purchasing cycle and refining our approach to get outstanding results for our clients. Through Campus, our all-in-one education marketing system, you can reach educators at every stage in the cycle.

  • Identify top prospects and create targeted sales, direct mail and email lists from the more than 149,000 K-12 districts and schools and 4.4 million educators available for selection in Campus. Geographic and demographic selections like job title, Title I funding and district size, help you match your messaging precisely to your audience.
  • Design and deploy marketing emails to your target audience throughout year but especially from August through December, when it is critical that your audience get to know you. Campus makes this easy, even for those with zero design and programming experience.
  • Build relationships using real-time alerts that let you know when prospects and customers visit your website and respond to campaigns.


Campus is different because only Campus is designed exclusively for the education market.

Use tools made specifically for you, not for other marketers. Schedule a free demo today and see how well Campus could work for you.


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