New information product provides education businesses with deep market insight into what’s being used in public districts and schools across the country

Agile Education Marketing’s EdIntel identifies exactly which schools and districts are using specific products, programs or teaching methodologies

Denver, CO—February 1, 2016—In response to the ongoing shift to highly personalized and targeted marketing and sales campaigns, Agile Education Marketing has released a new information product that provides education businesses with unprecedented insight into the products, programs and educational initiatives in use in individual schools and districts across the U.S.

EdIntel includes ten different information packages that contain which districts and schools are using specific brands or have implemented specific programs or initiatives. The EdIntel packages are: Devices used; Website platform; Brand of Student Information System (SIS); Brand of Learning Management System (LMS); Types of assessments used; Teaching methodologies such as flipped classroom, project based learning and blended learning; Technology initiatives such as BYOD and 1:1; Brands of teaching, learning and communication tools.

“EdIntel has compiled into an easy-to-use database the information that, historically, sales reps have had to spend hours researching on their own,” said Jenny Schumacher, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Agile. “What brand of SIS is a district using? What teaching software is in use in classrooms? What devices are students using? Answers to all of these questions and more are compiled by EdIntel and available in seconds, rather than hours.”

According to Robert O’Dell, Managing Partner at Agile, “Educators expect vendors to know what’s going on in their districts. They’re looking for partners and don’t want to have to educate solution providers. EdIntel provides vendors with deep knowledge about what is actually going on in the schools and districts they’re prospecting.” EdIntel will also be a rich resource for company executives looking to determine market share and market penetration, assess the competitive landscape, develop sales strategies and territories, and score leads.

EdIntel will be updated monthly so that companies always have the freshest information available about the K-12 market. Agile’s Account Executives can help businesses develop strategic sales and marketing plans that leverage the information provided by EdIntel.

EdIntel is available now as an integrated part of Agile’s suite of education sales and marketing solutions.

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