Collaboration between Agile Education Marketing’s multi-channel marketing offering and PRP’s newly launched Convert! combine forces to increase impact of client marketing efforts


MINNEAPOLIS, MN & Denver, CO January 29, 2015 – Agile Education Marketing, a leading provider of education information and marketing services and award winning PR with Panache! (PRP) are pleased to announce their strategic lead engagement partnership. Through this partnership, both firms will have the ability to offer clients new, innovative solutions for engaging potential customers and taking their prospecting efforts “beyond the lead”.

Today’s successful education businesses don’t just communicate with prospects about their products, they engage in meaningful conversations about the issues that drive educators to search for solutions, in the process becoming trusted partners and indispensable resources long before a purchase is made. However, this is not as easy as it may sound.

The newly formed partnership combines the best of two worlds in the education industry, bringing the forward thinking marketing minds of the Agile team together with the deep public relations and communications expertise of the PRP team, creating a first of its kind offering within the education market place.

“Convert!, powered by PR with Panache! is the perfect fit with Agile’s existing services,” said Jenny Schumacher, Vice President, Sales and Marketing for Agile. “Agile has always been highly effective at generating leads for education businesses. Now, through our partnership with PR with Panache!, we’re able to help companies nurture those leads through the sales funnel and really increase overall engagement.”

“We could not be more excited about this partnership and the services we are able to offer to clients. Forming this partnership provides our clients with the tools, expertise and support of both firms, ensuring that every marketing dollar spent leads not only to sales, but to converting decision makers into trusted allies and brand ambassadors,” said Sue Hanson, founder and managing partner at PR with Panache!.

Through a unique combination of proven and innovative tactics, this partnership will help companies generate leads, more effectively engage those leads, and better guide them through the buying cycle.

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About Agile Education Marketing

Founded in 2009, Agile Education Marketing is an innovative education marketing services firm that supports the marketing initiatives of businesses selling products and services to schools. Agile provides a robust database of early childhood, K-12 and higher education mailing and email lists along with unique opportunities to engage with educators through webinars, digital advertising, content marketing, and more. Using Agile’s highly targeted marketing services, knowledge and insight, education businesses improve their marketing results and maximize their marketing investments. For more information about Agile and their partners, visit

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PR with Panache! is a bold, fast-moving public relations and media marketing agency for the education marketplace with an international reputation for smart, entrepreneurial communications, content marketing, product publicity and brand awareness. Our success is built on the achievements of our clients. Our team consistently delivers explosive results. We speak the right language as we expand client brands, support PR and marketing or launch new products through long-established media relationships.

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About Agile Education Marketing

We're the go-to people to build brand recognition and generate leads. Using our comprehensive EdConnect™ database of early childhood, K-12 and higher education institutions and personnel, Agile Education Marketing helps you reach educators at school, at home and online.