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ConnectLink Salesforce Integration AppAgile is continually updating its database of educational institutions and the educators that work within. But how often do you update your CRM with the latest data? If you’re like most companies, only a few times a year. The process of updating existing records and importing new data is time consuming and messy — when you don’t use Agile ConnectLink.

If your company uses Salesforce as its CRM and licenses data from Agile, then you can use Agile ConnectLink to keep your system up-to-date with just a click of a button.

ConnectLink Success Story

Agile ConnectLink provides direct linkage between your Salesforce data and the Agile database. Using ConnectLink, you’ll:

  • Eliminate the hassle and headaches of data updates and imports.
  • Ensure your sales reps have the most recent contacts, phone numbers and email addresses.
  • Execute more effective marketing campaigns based on current demographics.


How does it work?

The process is simple and once you set-up your import rules you can literally update Salesforce with a single click of your mouse.

To get set-up:

  • Export the data currently in Salesforce.
  • Agile will compare your file to its database of buildings and personnel to identify matches between your data and ours.
  • We’ll return the data to you with a new Agile unique identification number appended to all the records that matched our database.
  • Install the Agile ConnectLink app.
  • Map your Salesforce fields to Agile’s fields and determine your import rules, including whose data takes priority when updates are available.

Once the initial set-up is done, a Salesforce admin simply decides when to sync with the Agile database and clicks a button within Salesforce. The updates occur automatically.

With the latest data always available in Salesforce, your sales reps will stop wasting time tracking down phone numbers, sending emails to bad addresses, or trying to reach personnel who are no longer with an institution. Your sales and marketing initiatives will be stronger, and your IT and data teams will have a lot more time for other projects!

“We love how much ConnectLink has streamlined prospecting for our sales reps. Being able to have accurate, searchable data to target specific people at their fingertips has been the best thing. No more time wasted in combing through websites and building their own lists. They can spend all their time prospecting and selling.”

~ Mike Voseipka, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, COMPanion®

Take advantage of this time-saving way to access Agile’s data for your sales and marketing initiatives. Contact your Agile Account Executive to schedule a demo of Agile ConnectLink. You also may download the ConnectLink information sheet.

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