An overview of ESSA and the impact on education businesses

Every business leader views the market through a lens.

We interpret and take action depending on: 1) how we perceive the market; and 2) how we gauge our company’s readiness and resources.

But the education landscape just changed—Dramatically! NCLB is no longer the roadmap for education. ESSA now controls the playing field. How will you respond? Take a “wait-and-see” approach? Let the market determine your value? You have a few choices:

  • Mirror: Take an unflinching look inside your organization. How ready is your organization to process and respond to the shifting market?
  • Window: Take an unbiased look at the market. How accurately will insights, instincts, and expertise developed during the era of NCLB help you envision todays K12 market?
  • GPS: Evaluate your roadmap for 2016. Is it responsive enough to reroute your efforts and get you to your goals with optimal success?

Join industry expert and strategy architect Steven Rowley, as he walks through the impact of ESSA, timelines to schools, and most importantly—how organizations need to adapt their value propositions to remain relevant post-NCLB. This 60-minute webinar originally broadcast on January 21, 2016 covers:

  • Connecting your value proposition to your buyers’ new reality.
  • Using the roll-out of ESSA to enhance (or build) your sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Establishing measures to keep you on target as the market shifts.

You’ll walk away from this webinar understanding how your market position should inform your growth strategy and with tools for improving your business scorecard for 2016 and beyond.


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