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When asked what sources they value most for information about education products and services, educators rank webinars toward the top of their list. In fact, 51 percent of administrators and 36 percent of teachers say they find webinars valuable.

Marketers value webinars, too. They provide the perfect opportunity to establish thought leadership surrounding brand-relevant topics while generating leads to fill the sales pipeline. Similar to conferences (another favorite educator resource) webinars allow you to interact with prospects on a more personal level. Unlike conferences, they’re inexpensive, convenient and almost immediately measurable.

Like any event, webinars require promotional marketing to maximize registration and attendance. We’ve developed this webinar promotion checklist to help you get more eyes on your webinar content.  




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Agile offers the tools to help you maximize webinar outcomes. We can help you build a targeted audience and email strategy for webinar promotions, advertise your webinars online, and even sponsor your own webinar series. Contact us to get more educators registered for your next webinar.  


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Connie Davis is Director of Strategic Accounts at Agile Education Marketing. In that capacity, Connie has advised hundreds of education companies on education marketing best practices. An expert in the education sales cycle, Connie helps companies reach targeted groups of educators with personalized content and marketing messages at the right times and on the most effective platforms for communication. Reach Connie at

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