Are all of these changes reflected in your CRM?

Millions of personnel changes occurred across early childhood, K-12 and higher education in 2017, according to Agile Education Marketing. More specifically:

personnel changes 2018

When these changes occur — educators start new jobs, transfer schools, earn promotions, retire — email addresses and contact information, job descriptions and job responsibilities change as well.

email changes 2018

Keeping up with these changes can be almost impossible for already busy sales and marketing teams. But you also don’t want to waste time reaching out to cold leads or spend money marketing to prospects who no longer relate to the messages you’re delivering — or aren’t even there to listen.

Your marketing success and sales hinge on having accurate data about the educators you’re targeting. At Agile, we stay on top of those changes, adding and subtracting information from our database daily, to make sure you have the best data to power your efforts.

Contact your Agile Account Executive to learn more about our exceptional data quality. We’ll also walk you through our data management tools, like Data Explorer, Prospector, and the ConnectLink Salesforce® integration app, and our suite of database services.

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