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If you think email marketing doesn’t work — and therefore, you’re not using it or not using it frequently to connect with educators — let’s take a look at a few numbers.


According to the Direct Marketing Association, 58 percent of revenue generated through email can be attributed to smart segmentation and smart targeting.

So what? So, you’d best make sure that you’re sending emails to the right educators, not just a lot of educators.


That’s how much you can expect to see in revenue for every dollar spent on email marketing, according to a survey by Campaign Monitor. And several studies in the literature support the idea that most companies under-market out of fear that they’re sending out too many messages. Consumers overwhelmingly say they want to hear from brands they do business with, and regularly.

So what? Well, that’s tricky. People say they want to hear from you — then they say they want to hear more from you. And then they unsubscribe, because they hear from you too much. Ask educators what they want to hear from you about and how often they want to hear it, and then test different versions of your creative to see what works best with your different target audiences. The types of information that teachers want is vastly different from what will make decision-makers like Curriculum Directors and Principals engage with you.


That’s how much more likely your recipient is to click through to your website from desktop after viewing your message on a mobile device, according to Campaign Monitor.

So what? So, you’re probably reading this on a phone. Can you read it OK? Good. Do the same for your customers. Mobile-first design isn’t a novelty anymore. It’s the rule.

So what are you saying “so what” about?
Although people have been writing its obituary for years, email is alive and well and evolving. It’s as important a marketing channel as ever, whether used on its own or as part of a multichannel marketing campaign. So how do you make sure you’re doing it right? Well, Campus by Agile Education Marketing is one way.

Using this cloud-based education marketing solution you can:
• Create beautiful email templates that you can modify and reuse
• Set up targeted email lists drawn from the more than 4.4 million educator emails available in Campus
• Deploy and track your email campaigns in no time

Powerful segmenting features let you test different versions of your creative with different audiences, increasing engagement and ROI. Campus also makes it easy for you to score leads and make real-time course corrections to move prospects through the sales funnel – all in an intuitive framework.

If you’re not sending as many emails as you’d like or not getting the results you’d hope for from email marketing, Campus’ features make it easy for you to create, deploy and analyze an email campaign in less than an hour.

Schedule a demo today to see firsthand how Campus makes email marketing work harder so you can work smarter.

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