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Retargeting is a marketing technique that displays online ads to prospective customers based on prior engagement. The most common type of retargeting is site-based, which displays ads across the web to people who have visited your web site. Other types of retargeting include email, Facebook and CRM retargeting.

Retargeting is an effective tactic because it keeps your brand, and call to action, top-of-mind with prospective customers after an initial marketing touch.

How Retargeting Works

Retargeting uses cookies, small files that store information. When someone visits your web site or opens an email, a cookie is placed in their browser. This cookie provides data that triggers specific ads to be displayed when the prospective customer goes online and visits other web sites across the Internet.

Site Retargeting

Web site retargeting reminds site visitors to come back and visit again. Site retargeting can be very general – displaying ads to anyone who has visited your home page – or very specific, such as targeting visitors who abandon their shopping carts with deals and discounts on the exact items they almost purchased.

Site retargeting is as simple as placing a line of code onto the pages you’ve identified to retarget. You can also place code that will stop the online ads from displaying once someone completes a desired action, such as making a purchase or filling out a response form. Additionally, a limit can be placed on the number of ads displayed to any one individual so that you gently remind them about your company, not overwhelm them with ads.

Email Retargeting

Email retargeting works similarly to site retargeting. A line of code is added to your HTML email content prior to deployment. Once someone opens the email, a cookie is placed and the individual will begin to see your ads displayed across the Internet.

Facebook Retargeting

Visitors to your site or people who open your email campaigns can be retargeted with ads in their Facebook news feeds and sidebars.

CRM Retargeting

CRM retargeting adds a digital component to your direct mail list. Provide home mailing addresses (or email addresses) and those customers will begin to see your ads displayed online.

For more information about using retargeting to boost your campaign response, contact your Agile Account Executive. Also, check out our webinar on retargeting.

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