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educator persona 0217Building educator personas is a valuable exercise for every education marketer. When you get to know your company’s key audience segments on a personal level, you can:
  1. Personalize your marketing and sales messages to specific educator preferences.
  2. Deliver highly relevant and useful messaging that garners higher response and conversion.
  3. Streamline communication across your company to create consistent voice, tone, style, and messaging.
Our worksheet can help you document your audience segments (most companies have more than one). Download the worksheet today to transform your data into defined personas. Then introduce them to your team!

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Here are a few more tips to help you refine your target audience and messaging:

1. Determine what problem you solve.
How does the problem differ depending on the educator’s job title? Educators don’t buy products or services; they buy solutions. The more you can pinpoint the specific problem audiences are having, the more precisely you can talk to them about those problems authentically in your marketing communications.

2. Analyze your current customers.
We often think we know our customers, but when customer data is analyzed it can reveal things we never knew, like geographies, district sizes and job titles that are particularly responsive. A customer analysis provides one of the best, most reliable sources of information to design an effective targeting strategy.

3. Hang out and listen.
Social media provides us with an opportunity to hear directly from educators and learn about what’s keeping them up at night, which products they love, and which products they hate. Follow hashtags, blogs and other social outlets to stay up to date with the news and trends.

Have questions about different educator segments or marketing tactics that really work?

Get in touch! The education marketing experts at Agile are always happy to answer questions and help you map out a winning marketing strategy. We've even got a software platform that accelerates lead generation and sales.

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