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Get to Know the 7 Modules of Campus

And all they can do to power your education business

Education Data

Power your sales and marketing with anytime, anywhere access to Agile’s database of K-12 districts, schools and educators.

Target Your Marketing

Create targeted direct mail and email lists, choosing from more than 149,000 K-12 districts and schools and 4.4 million educators. Geographic and demographic selections like job title, Title I funding, district size and more, help you match your messaging precisely to your audience. All your lists are instantly available in the Campus email module—no importing or exporting required.

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Empower Your Sales Team

Easily locate a district, school, administrator, or teacher, view their details, and convert them into a Contact in your Campus CRM with one click.

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Your current customers and prospects can live in Campus too. We’ll import them as part of your initial Campus set-up and you can add to them as your business grows. Track every interaction that educators have with your business with Campus’s live-feed notifications. Then pinpoint where each individual’s needs lie and build better, longer-lasting, and more profitable relationships.


Monitor & Manage the Sales Cycle

Nurture prospects through the sales cycle and strengthen relationships with existing customers using the Campus CRM. Create targeted campaigns based on custom buyer personas.

Get Real-Time Notifications

Provide your sales team with the power to react instantly to leads with Campus‘s pop-up notifications.

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Pop-ups inform you of any interactions with your website and when a contact has opened, or clicked on, one of your marketing emails.

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In addition to real-time notifications, your team can find out at any moment what actions an educator has had with your company. Campus logs web visits, email opens, clicks, and form submissions all from your contact’s live feed, so you can pick up a relationship at any point, with confidence.

Communicate Seamlessly

Nurture prospects through the sales cycle and strengthen relationships with existing customers using the Campus CRM. Create targeted campaigns based on custom buyer personas.

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Email Platform

Connect with educators with targeted, CAN-SPAM compliant email campaigns that you design, set-up, send, and track all through the intuitive Campus system.
Create beautiful, responsive emails using Campus’s built-in email templates or the drag-and-drop editor. Either way, your messages will look great on desktop or mobile devices.

Why use the Campus email platform over an external system?

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Quotes & Invoices

Streamline your quoting and invoicing processes and track your sales and quote performance. Add a list of your own products, prices, and sales tax rates to Campus, then easily create automated quotes and invoices.

With one click...

Convert a quote into an invoice, generate an online PDF version, and watch your sales performance charts update.

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Lead Generation Forms

Create lead generation forms, capture new contacts, and organically grow a powerful opt-in list of teachers. Use your forms to understand buyer persona data and use this to drive your future marketing.

Build a Form in Seconds

No programming required! Use Campus’s drag and drop editor and create unique custom fields to collect the specific data you want from your leads.

Any completed forms will instantly feed into your Campus CRM, no data entry needed!

Edit Live Forms

Campus provides the web code to embed a form on your website. Any changes made to them will reflect on your site automatically.

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Web Analytics

Monitor how contacts and unidentified visitors interact with your website. Create a list of friendly URLs, and watch as Campus’s pop-up notifications inform you of a web visit in real-time.

Sales Funnel

Campus’s individual features work as one to form a powerful sales funnel that your contacts move through.

Step 1: Design Your Funnel

Monitor your contacts’ funnel positions, and send them relevant marketing to move them towards purchasing.

Step 2: Lead Capture

Use Campus’s Forms Module to start converting educators from the Education Data Module into contacts within your CRM Module.

Step 3: Lead Tracking

Campus’s live-feed will automatically track and log a contact’s every web visit, email click, and correspondence — all in real-time.

Step 4: Lead Scoring

Automatically award points to contacts based on their interactions with your business. The number of points you award them, and what they are awarded for, is completely up to you.

Step 5: Lead Targeting

Instantly identify the best sales opportunities in your sales funnel while tailoring your marketing to mid and low-level engagers with messages the encourage them to earn more points.

Step 6: Lead Qualification

Set up thresholds to determine how many points a contact needs before they move to a more qualified stage in your sales funnel.

Learn more about how to target your messaging at each stage of the sales cycle with our Guide to Education Marketing Success.

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