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What You Want to Know About Campus

Here are answers to the most commonly asked questions about Campus.
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    Why Choose Campus over:

  • MailChimp, Constant Contact and other email systems (ESP)

    Campus is so much more than just an emailing system. The Email Module within Campus will allow you to do what any standard emailing system will do —design HTML emails, broadcast them and track the stats. But Campus also provides many other modules to help drive your sales within the education sector—a CRM, access to Agile’s database of K-12 institutions and personnel; website tracking; automated sales funnel; quoting; invoicing; and much more.

  • Hubspot, Salesforce and other CRM systems

    Generic CRM systems and automated marketing software offer similar features and tools as Campus, but where they all fall short is that none of them are designed to accommodate the unique aspects of education sales and marketing. Plus, no other system includes instant access to more than 149,000 K-12 districts and schools and 4.4 million personnel.

  • Other education data providers

    One of the main reasons Campus was built was because many education businesses were buying cheap, poor quality data and then not having the systems, software and infrastructure in place to use it properly. Campus doesn’t only give you access to the most accurate education database available, but importantly it gives you a platform to use the data properly to connect with more than 149,000  K-12 districts and schools and 4.4 million personnel.

  • A marketing service provider

    Campus is much more cost-effective than hiring an external marketing provider, who is unlikely to be an education marketing expert. As a Campus subscriber you can pick our brains for ideas on strategies that can be invaluable as no one knows selling and marketing to schools better than Agile Education Marketing.

About Campus:

  • What is Campus?

    Campus is education data, marketing and sales software for any business, nonprofit organization or university that wants to contact or sell to K-12 educational institutions and personnel. Watch this video to gain a better understanding.

  • I sell to other sectors in addition to education. Will Campus work for me?

    Yes! Many of our Campus subscribers sell to other sectors outside of the education world as well, so Campus has been designed to cope with sales and marketing to other sectors.

  • Will Campus replace my current CRM?

    Yes it will! Campus includes a CRM Module, Quotes Module  and Money Module so you can use it for your full customer relationship management. It will even work as an automated sales funnel for your sales team to target the hottest leads at the right time.

  • What is a User?

    Users are the folks that have access to your Campus system. There are three types of users:

    • Admins (one of which is the Campus account owner)
    • Managers
    • Users

    Each user level has different permissions associated with it with. Admins get the full roster of permissions, Managers the next level, and Users the least permissions.

  • What is a Contact?

    A Contact is different from the schools and educator data that Agile supplies in the Education Data Module. Contacts are stored in the CRM Module and are the people that you market to, send quotes to, sell to, and deal with on a daily basis. Contacts are your leads and customers. As a Campus user you’re able to add, update and remove your Contacts at any time. Each Campus plan comes with a limit on the number of Contacts you can store.
    Contacts are categorized into three types depending on where they sit in your sales funnel: Followers, Leads and Opportunities.

  • Can I create quotes and invoices in Campus?

    Yes you can. Campus includes a Quotes Module and a Money Module. You can create quotes, convert them to invoices at the click of a button, and see your automatically updated sales performance charts instantly.

  • Can I send my marketing and day-to-day emails from Campus?

    Absolutely! You can design, send and track your broadcast email marketing from within Campus’s Email Module. You can also send your day-to-day emails (that you would normally send from the likes of Outlook or Gmail) to the Contacts within your CRM Module.

  • Does Campus give me the email addresses for educators?

    Yes! You can email educators directly through Campus either in a mass email marketing campaign or one-to-one.

  • Can I upload my own Contacts to Campus?

    Yes, you can import your customer file into the CRM Module of Campus. As part of your Campus set-up, we will match your customer file against the Agile database, clean and standardized the data, and import it into Campus so when you log in for the first time all the data you need to run your business is already in Campus, ready to go.

    • Plans & Billing

    • Is there a contract?

      Campus is an annual subscription. The details of the terms and conditions can be found here.

    • Can I change my plan at any time?

      You can upgrade your Campus plan from within your Account settings in just a few quick clicks!

    • What if I exceed my Contact or email limits?

      Don’t worry, you won’t be slapped with a big bill to pay. Campus will warn you when you are approaching your limits and give you the option to upgrade to a more suitable plan if need be.

    • Can I increase my monthly Contact or email limits?

      Yes! You can upgrade your Campus plan from within your Account settings in just a few quick clicks!

    • Are there any fees in addition to the annual subscription price?

      There are no hidden costs. If you want to upgrade your account, you can if you want to; it’s your choice.

    • Do I have to pay for a year up front?

      Campus subscriptions are billed annually so just one payment is due at the start of your license term before access is granted to the software.

      Data, Hosting & Security

    • Is my data safe and backed up?

      Of course! Your data is safely hosted in our secure data center. We back up your data daily.

    • Can I get my data out of Campus?

      You certainly can! You can export your data from the CRM, Quotes and Sales Modules in a few quick clicks.

    • How reliable is Campus?

      Locally installed software is a dinosaur in today’s digital world. Everything from your banking to the world’s leading CRM and emailing software are cloud-based, and so is Campus. This is because a cloud-based platform offers the most reliable, easily accessible and slickest form of access and use.

      Terms & Conditions

    • Acceptable use policy

      Read the Acceptable Use Policy here

    • Education data terms

      Read our Education Data Use Policy here

    • End User Terms of Service

      Read our End User Policy here

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