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For multichannel marketing to pay off, three things must align: strategy, tactics and processes. The biggest challenge with multichannel marketing isn’t the processes themselves; it’s that vital processes are often disconnected across different technologies that don’t talk to each other – and that never come designed specifically for education sales and marketing.

Campus by Agile Education Marketing is designed specifically for the education market. This all-in-one marketing solution replaces all of your current systems and creates one place for every process, making it easier for you to set sophisticated, cross-channel campaigns in motion with less hassle.

Here’s how Campus can make four channels – email, social media, your website, and direct sales – easier to manage and much more effective.


campus email Email: Design, create, deploy, and track targeted, CAN-SPAM compliant email campaigns through an intuitive, easy-to-learn interface. Rather than dealing with endless sets of lists to import and export, you can draw a segmented list from the more than 149,000 K-12 districts and schools and 4.4 million educators directly available in Campus, or send to your currents prospects and customers by tapping into Campus’ CRM module.

campus connectConnect the channels: Don’t limit your outbound marketing to email only; send direct mail campaigns to your top prospects too. You’ll increase brand recognition and encourage more response when educators can engage with you from either their inbox or mailbox.

 campus social media Social Media: Educators use social media to learn about new resources, connect with colleagues, and find answers to their questions. With Campus, you can target your social media efforts to those educators you’ve ranked as top prospects. Upload data from your Campus CRM to many popular social media platforms and run ad campaigns to just those educators. Create a lead generation form in Campus to link your ad to so that you capture interested new contacts.

campus connectConnect the channels: Using the Campus CRM module, you can see when a contact visits your website and what content they’re interested in. Create a follow-up strategy that includes sending a series of emails with relevant information and direct outreach from a sales person to help guide prospects through the sales funnel.

 campus websiteWebsite: Your website is more than likely the crown jewel of your content – and content is what consumers want, especially before making a purchasing decision. So, it makes sense that a lot of multichannel campaigns seek to drive traffic to your website. Lead forms are invaluable assets – but are often time consuming and require integration with external systems. Campus makes it easy by providing customizable, ready-to-use lead forms that don’t require coding. Simply copy and paste the code auto-generated into a webpage. The completed forms will feed instantly into your Campus CRM so your sales team will know the instant that someone reaches out.

campus connect Connect the channels: Just as social media can drive traffic to your website, your website should be optimized to drive traffic to the sales team through lead generation, Campus makes this easier with built-in lead-tracking and -scoring features that show you at a glance which prospects are most likely to convert.

 campus salesDirect sales: Sometimes we don’t think of sales as a “channel” – but it is one of the most important ones. Using Campus, your sales team benefits from an easy-to-use interface that lets them access vital information about the most qualified leads that are ready to move from prospect to customer. Campus’ features combine to form a powerful, six-step sales funnel and access to real-time, detailed analytics. Its ease of use lets your sales team generate invoices and quotes in one click, as well as easily find prospects by location, title, school, district, and many other specifications.

campus connect Connect the channels: Brief your sales team on your multichannel efforts regularly and make sure that they are not only aware of your campaign messaging and key points but also are integrating them in their touchpoints with customers. The heart of multichannel marketing is consistency of experience.

Stop wasting time managing tactics and start reaping the rewards of multichannel marketing Campus is the only comprehensive sales and marketing platform specifically for the education market. This market is too tough to reach – and your customers too hard-earned – to use the wrong tools. Get in touch with us to schedule a demo of Campus to see how it can make your multichannel marketing smarter, faster and designed for the education market: just like you.

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