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email marketing best practicesThere might be flashier ways to market than good-old email, but there are few that are more effective. Get the most out of your email marketing with this brief list of best practices. They should take you less than 10 minutes to read – and be just as quick to put into practice.

1. Make it personal: If you’re not using some sort of personalization in your email marketing, you’re probably leaving money and engagement on the table. Data collected from HubSpot and other sources confirm that using a recipient’s first name increases click-through rates and open rates significantly. Research from Statista showed that personalized emails had a more than 7 percent higher open rate. If you’re not using personalization now, start.

2. Segment smartly for ROI and engagement: More than half of all marketers, according to 2016 research by Ascend2, say they want to increase engagement in their email marketing. Segmenting and targeting your audience is beyond important. The Direct Marketing Association asserts that 58 percent of all revenue can be attributed to smart targeting and segmentation. Narrower audiences mean greater interest, which means more engagement. The numbers you should worry about aren’t emails sent; worry about emails acted on. To increase that, send them to the right people and give them an appropriate and beneficial call to action.

3. Try a little of this and a little of that: Close to half of all marketers say that they test alternate versions of subject lines, placement of calls-to-action, message length, and other variables. Especially with “cold” audiences that have disengaged, A/B testing is an ideal strategy. You can use it as a testing ground for alternate takes on an existing strategy or – and more exciting and possibly insightful – use it as a safe way to test brand-new approaches.

4. Time is relative, but unsubscribes are absolute: If you want to get dismissed, according to Statista and other market research firms, send an email between 5:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m.: that is when more than half of all unsubscribes happen. So, when is the best time to send an email? What about the best day? When can you send an email to not only increase open rates but also increase shares and conversions? Answer: It depends. Every audience is different, so it’s vital that you vary, analyze, assess, and adjust times of day and days of week according to your statistics.

5. Fill the pipeline – again and again: You’ll need to manage all the leads that you’ll acquire through your email campaigns. Be sure that you have an easy, reliable and uniform way to determine the value of leads and determine when to move them along in your sales funnel. Have your messaging for such things as nurture tracks, thank you messages, welcome messages, and loyalty outreach prepared well in advance. Through simple marketing automation schematics, you can set up triggered emails that follow up with prospects automatically after they heed your CTA, share new information that moves them through the decision-making process, or nurture them with further information after they visit your website.

6. Use the right tools: So much of email marketing is made harder by difficult-to-use platforms, lack of staff capacity, and hard-to-understand analytics. Campus by Agile Education Marketing is designed specifically to support sales and marketing tactics in the education market.

This all-in-one marketing solution replaces all of your current systems and creates one place for every process, making it easier for you to send more emails to the right people at the right time – and most importantly, the right way.

Using Campus’ user-friendly features, you’ll be creating beautiful email templates that you can modify and reuse, setting up sophisticated and targeted segmented lists drawn from more than 4.4 million educators, and deploying and tracking your campaigns in no time. Powerful segmenting features let you test different versions of your creative with different audiences, increasing engagement and ROI. Campus also makes it easy for you to score leads and make real-time course corrections to move prospects through the sales funnel – all in an intuitive framework that lets you focus on marketing, not the tools you’re using.

Schedule a demo today to see firsthand how Campus makes email marketing work harder so you can work smarter.

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