Most schools will be out for summer in just about one month — around the week of May 21. But just because schools are about to go on break, that doesn’t mean your marketing should, too.


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From May – July, educators are in the Planning Phase of the education purchasing cycle. At the same time they’re making their final purchases for the upcoming school year, educators begin assessing their needs and researching possible solutions for the next year.

Administrators do this in the office, where they have fewer distractions while students are out of school. While teachers typically aren’t in their classrooms, they are working on professional development, lesson planning and classroom prep.

Summer is the season to get in front of educators early and begin valuable relationship-building. Even though schools are closed, your marketing shouldn’t slow down. Here are some things you can do before the back-to-school season ramps up.

  • Keep emailing. Even though your email schedule may slow down a bit, periodically send helpful content to stay top-of-mind throughout the summer. Agile provides both at-school and at-home email addresses.
  • Create content. Use the summer break to develop valuable, brand-relevant content you can use to build your pipeline come August.
  • Work on your website. Focus on SEO to strengthen your online presence and make sure your website shows up when educators start their online research.
  • Stay social. A three-month break from posting doesn’t look good. Keep posting and sharing content all summer long.
  • Host webinars. Build thought leadership with webinars that focus on general strategies, new methodologies and research topics. Plan your webinars for late May – June, and then pick them up again in late July.

At Agile, we don’t take summer breaks. Contact us to build a strong, data-driven multi-channel marketing strategy for summer that will give you a solid head start to the school year.

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